Who is Lissy?


I'm Lissy, nice to meet you and all that jazz.

I'm 27 and I live in the wonderful, vibrant, arty city of Bristol with my squidge-face, Ben.

I am a graphic design graduate, and currently work as a design assistant, but also freelance when I can, and transfer all my love of design into clothes. I customise, print and rework clothes when I get the chance, and this blog is to document my life, my loves, my fashion and my design work. 

I hope my love of art and design means my blog can bring something a little different to the mix.

I hope you enjoy my blog, as I enjoy making it. 


  1. Hey Lissy, just wondering if your name is actually Felicity, because if so that would be so trippy as my partners name is also Ben and I am also a graphic designer.. haha! :P

    Felicity xx

    1. Nooo way! Yeah, my name is actually Felicity! That is trippy!! xx