Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sale Steals!


So, not everyone can afford to splash out on full price gear all the time; I am true to this, as a money shortage seems to be always imminent with me no matter how hard I save, and I will normally go and browse the sale section of a site first, for a quick treat or end of month bargain. I also think you can find some overlooked pieces in the sale, and grab something amazing for a lot less money!

I have decided to start posting up my 'SALE STEALS', a collection of pieces I've found that I think are gorgeous, and a bargain! What more could you want! Personally, the sandals are going to be first in my basket!

Let me know what you think about this post, as I'd love it to be useful to people! 

Hello there lovely reader! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, it means a lot to me! 
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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Hey, Highwaisted * Wearing

Top > Urban Outfitters, Jacket > H&M, Jeans > Your Eyes Lie, Necklace > Ebay, Sandals > ASOS, Scarf > Charity Shop

Howdy ho guys! How are you doing on this fine Sunday? I'm currently editing photos and watching X-Factor (pleasedonttellanyonethatIlikex-factor), err, yeah!

I love this outfit a lot, and wore it out for a trip-ola around Boots today. I have two pairs of highwaisted jeans, but I was forever a bit scared of wearing tops tucked into them, to show off the waist, but having given it a whirl, I actually really like it. They are SO soft, and really comfy (unless you've just eaten a massive meal, like I did yesterday at the pub) and a great buy from Your Eyes Lie, Via ASOS. Also, this crackled effect top was £5 from Urban. What a bargain!! You know those sale pieces which when you get to the till are even LESS than marked? Yeah, that happened and I ain't complainin'! Cheers Urban.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Stealing T-Shirts * Wearing

Hat > Boyfriends, T-shirt > Boyfriends, Coat > Ebay, Jeans > Topshop, Shoes > Dr Martens, Necklaces > Crow/Present, Pendant/Vintage

Not really stealing t-shirts, mind. Just stealing them off the boy, and I think you'll find that that's perfectly acceptable. Plus, I love Static-X, so it's win-win!

Wore this down to the wonderful Bristol museum today, so have a quick look at the latest Banksy piece that's turned up. Although, we're both not sure that it's really Banksy yet. Something doesn't seen quite right, but you never know. He lives to surprise, I guess!

I was lovely and warm, and perhaps the coat was a bit much whilst walking, but definitely came in handy sitting at the pub. And these jeans, god Topshop, i've had them years and they only JUST ripped at the knee, so good going. And just so happens that I like the rip on the knee, so har.

Hope you all had a lovely easter! Too much chocolate, anyone? I myself, had not enough, so am currently eating some Aero bubbles. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Never Ever * Wearing

Top > H&M via Ebay. Jeans > H&M. Shoes > New Look. Ring > Old

Well, I think for my first proper outfit post (it's taken me so long getting round to this blog thing, right?!) that i'll go with something that optimises my style. Well, I say style - I don't think I have one defining style, i'll wear anything as long as I like it; but black, white, leather and grunge are all pretty much a safe bet with me. 

Love this top, good old H&M and it was totes a bargain from an Ebay rummage. And these jeans, oof, yes! A whole £5 in the H&M sale!

Anyway, hello to anyone who may be reading my first post! 
I'm off to have a good old BBQ on this sunny bank holiday.