Sunday, 27 April 2014

Hey, Highwaisted * Wearing

Top > Urban Outfitters, Jacket > H&M, Jeans > Your Eyes Lie, Necklace > Ebay, Sandals > ASOS, Scarf > Charity Shop

Howdy ho guys! How are you doing on this fine Sunday? I'm currently editing photos and watching X-Factor (pleasedonttellanyonethatIlikex-factor), err, yeah!

I love this outfit a lot, and wore it out for a trip-ola around Boots today. I have two pairs of highwaisted jeans, but I was forever a bit scared of wearing tops tucked into them, to show off the waist, but having given it a whirl, I actually really like it. They are SO soft, and really comfy (unless you've just eaten a massive meal, like I did yesterday at the pub) and a great buy from Your Eyes Lie, Via ASOS. Also, this crackled effect top was £5 from Urban. What a bargain!! You know those sale pieces which when you get to the till are even LESS than marked? Yeah, that happened and I ain't complainin'! Cheers Urban.


  1. your blog is so awesome ♥ followed you on gfc, dear :)

  2. I love those jeans, they're really cool <3

  3. You look super cute! The jeans are so major xx

  4. So awesome Lissy, I just adore your shoes x

  5. love the scarf!

  6. cute!

  7. You are extremely beautiful and i love you header!
    Would you like to follow each other over google friends connect and bloglovin? Please let me know if that has any interest!

  8. such a beautiful outfit. love your pants and your jacket! x

  9. Love the jeans! I always find H&M such a pig for buying jeans though - there never seems to be any consistency and I have some pairs in an 8 and some in a 12! x

    1. Oh my god, tell me about it! I actually swore I wouldnt buy jeans from there again, it annoys me so much! xx

  10. Adoring your style here! Love the high waisted denim :)
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