Monday, 21 April 2014

Stealing T-Shirts * Wearing

Hat > Boyfriends, T-shirt > Boyfriends, Coat > Ebay, Jeans > Topshop, Shoes > Dr Martens, Necklaces > Crow/Present, Pendant/Vintage

Not really stealing t-shirts, mind. Just stealing them off the boy, and I think you'll find that that's perfectly acceptable. Plus, I love Static-X, so it's win-win!

Wore this down to the wonderful Bristol museum today, so have a quick look at the latest Banksy piece that's turned up. Although, we're both not sure that it's really Banksy yet. Something doesn't seen quite right, but you never know. He lives to surprise, I guess!

I was lovely and warm, and perhaps the coat was a bit much whilst walking, but definitely came in handy sitting at the pub. And these jeans, god Topshop, i've had them years and they only JUST ripped at the knee, so good going. And just so happens that I like the rip on the knee, so har.

Hope you all had a lovely easter! Too much chocolate, anyone? I myself, had not enough, so am currently eating some Aero bubbles. 


  1. This is such a cool post, I love the hat! The pictures are really good too!

  2. I do love your combination in this look! I love that top so much, i myself have way too many of Marvel tops lol xx

  3. Lovely! I love those boots btw
    XO, Steph

  4. Ahhh that outfit is seriously perfection!
    So glad I've stumbled across your blog xoxo

    Other Infinities

  5. Amazing tee! And great shoes ! Perfect look ! :)

  6. I've definitely had too much chocolate haha. This look is so rad, I love your hat and that awesome t-shirt!

    onacruz blog

  7. Just love this outfit! :) Nothing beats stealing boyfriend's tshirt / checked shirt / oversized leathers / hats / scarves / basically everything they own!

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    Mags x

  8. love!!

  9. This looks great :) forever stealing my boyfriends shirts haha!

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  10. Wow! You look really fantastic! *o* I'm biggest fan oy you haircut and colour!

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    Have a nice day!